The Bee loves poetry!

In 2014/15 she challenged herself to write a poem a day, and she challenged her readers to post prompts to her. This challenge somehow changed over the year as life has its own rhythms: In the end, The Bee had posted a poem a day but not necessarily written one a day.
Funnily she has started now to do exactly that: Write a poem a day in her treasured morning pages. You won’t find them on her blog yet but maybe someday. But you can find the poems of “A Prompt A Day For Bee” here.

After that she created a creative poetry challenge once a week, and you were invited to take part. It was called “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” and so far has lead us to some pretty amazing poems.

What you can also find is a poem a day in May and November as The Bee takes part in German poetry project #frapalymo which means “Frau Paulchens Poetry Month” in German. This is a collection of challenging poetry prompts that The Bee translates here.

“The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” has stopped as there has not been any interest. However, in 2016 The Bee started “Creatively Starting” a weekly prompt not only for writing poetry but to inspire creativity in all arts. Find the latest posts here.

And you can find any post with poems here.


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