That’s how I still feel sometimes


July 2016

I wrote this poem in November 1989 in Germany where I grew up. Since August, many people from the former GDR were leaving the country via Hungary as Austria had opened its borders.

I had and have family in the area of the former GDR and therefore what was going to happen had a deep impact on my family.


Also, the previous year I had become of age and was still trying to find myself. Here is the German original:

So vieles geschieht (14.11.1989)

So vieles geschieht
in mir
um mich
weit weg von mir
Aber irgendwie geht alles unter
im Alltag
in der Trägheit
in der Langeweile
So vieles sucht Ausdruck
in mir
will ‘raus aus mir
ich bin wie ein Trichter
mit zu kleinem Abfluß
nichts kommt raus

This is the English translation from 2009:

So much happens

So much happens
inside of me
around me
far away

but somehow everything vanishes
in everyday life
in dullness
in boredom

So much wants to express itself
inside of me
wants to come out of me
I am like a funnel
with too small a drain
nothing comes out


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